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(x)html, css, php

We've been coding using best practice techniques for at least 5 years now and our experience extends back over 15 years.

For a period of 10 years we taught html and css for a large corporate training company so we can also offer training on the above subjects.

We are happy to teach/train one-to-one at the office or at your home, or to a small group.

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We can train you in a variety of areas


Web development

Our sites load fast, perform consistently across the various browsers and are well placed in the search engines. This is because we build very clean code using current best practice techniques, both of which are important to SEO (search engine optimisation).

For a new design we show you the design progress for review and comment throughout, so you'll never be stuck with a design you're not happy with.

Do have a look over our Client Sites page where there are numerous examples of our work. Every site is different, so give us a call to discuss your particular need.



Two thirds of the servers worldwide use the Apache serverWe've run our own dedicated Unix/Apache server for years so you can be sure you are placing your important website in a safe place.

The server is lightly loaded and is noticeably fast. It is located with a very high quality provider and has multiple redundant connections to the Internet backbone.

With your account you get access to your own comprehensive control panel where you can manage email accounts, view web statistics etc., and we are always on hand to help.


Databases/PHP/Javascript/Bespoke coding

Most of our work these days is in the development of complex and comprehensive database driven websites using PHP, MySql and Javascript. These range from code for a simple click through counter through to a comprehensive contact/dating framework and many points in between. We deliver stable code on time and budget, in sharp contrast to many so-called professional development houses.

We have developed several CMS (content management system) based sites for clients. This site is also driven by our own CMS.



We can provide practically any level of action or support, from the simplest of Paypal based pages to a fully configurable and highly functional online system, including live stock levels.

For start ups on a limited budget we provide assistance and setup for PayPal solutions, very suited to a smaller number of items when selling on the Internet and we can also expand this as required to a comprehensive database driven solution.

In all cases, we can provide full design, implementation and hosting facilities, right up to Turnkey level if required. We also provide training as required.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.


However you put websites together, you are going to need to manipulate and produce graphics. Photoshop is the industry standard, so much so that the name has crept into common language.

We've been using the tool for over 20 years and can offer comprehensive training from beginner level upwards.

Ad hoc work

Many of our clients choose to have us update their website regularly as the need arises. Our prices are very reasonable and it's one less thing to worry about.