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Video Production for Business

Sony Z1E, one of several high quality HD cameras we use

With bandwidths increasing and time decreasing, it's easy to see how a short well narrated video will engage the visitor and give you that vital time to put your message across. We have over 10 years of experience with digital video and have produced many short films, 'advertorials', DVDs and live events. As well as producing a variety of videos in our own right, we also do a diverse range of regular camera work for a large national advertising company.

Research clearly indicates video and sound combined deliver a far more effective and long lasting message so we generally recommend that a narrative be used.

We can advise and assist on all aspects and provide a fully inclusive scripting, shooting and editing service. We can also provide narrators/voice over artists if needed.

All our editing is done in house and we also shoot or control all the footage. We have a wide range of supporting equipment too, including lighting, grip, dollies, tracks, a range of microphones including wireless, lighting control, etc. We can also provide extra kit and operators as required for the job.

This technique works well for smaller items (0:52) (HD)