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This site is powered by Lance CMSThis site is now driven by the Lance CMS (Content Management System). This is a Standards driven 'Fluid' or 'Liquid' system whch automatically adjusts its size to match any viewing device from Smartphones to Desktop

Lance Cms

The Lance CMS is a sophisticated yet simple to use CMS (content management system) where you can update any of the online content anytime you want.

New for 2013, the Lance CMS content management systemAlthough we regularly do small updates for a variety of clients we know that some clients want to update their own pages. The Lance CMS is the solution, giving you full control over all the content and access to more sophisticated controls for advanced users.

Smartphone usage is rising very fast so importantly the Lance CMS automatically adapts to any screen size (= 'viewport').

Headers and Footers
These areas are often repeated across all pages, so it is possible to copy any updated header or footer content to any or all other pages. Equally page headers and footers can be altered individually.

We include a full initial custom design, setup and training service and deliver a turnkey solution, whether you want to start from one page and add your own, or have us transfer some or all of your existing content. After training we hand off the content management to you. We can provide the initial training over the phone if required as the interface is so easy to use.

A fully accurate WYSIWYG preview display is provided together with a sophisticated editor. Pages can easily be renamed, duplicated and deleted so you can have as many pages as you like. You can have pages in preview for as long as you like without affecting the live page.

Main menu
The main menu is generated automatically, positioned during the design process, and any menu item can be visible or not. The menu items can be re-ordered. Extra menus are easy to add.


Features of the Lance CMS

  • Full initial custom design, setup and training service included
  • Easy to use
  • Highly flexible design model
  • Automatically matches the page size to fit any screen from Smartphone to Desktop
  • True WSIWYG preview independent of live page
  • Automatic menu and link construction
  • Standards based code
  • Slideshows and gallery pages
  • Video on the page (format dependent)
  • Online help files
  • Individual, dedicated database
  • Direct access to configuration files for advanced users

New Lance CMS serves mobile and desktop sites