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Complex database driven sites

We specialise in complex bespoke coding and database solutions and work regularly with our US partner All Business Marketing. These sites are largely database driven with comprehensive back end facilities, varying user levels, and are driven by a mixture of PHP, mySql, Javascript, HTML and CSS. Almost all the basic coding, and all of the database driven parts are coded by us in house, we do not sub contract. Database design can be challenging, but we excel at producing well thought out database structures which follow best practice and deliver highly regarded results.

Link to Orion Fans site (new window) Orion Fans is a substantial business based in Texas, USA. Working with our US Partner, we developed all the code, layout and functionality of this site. The Lance CMS is fully integrated with a comprehensive product database, with versatile facilities to locate a product with the minimum number of 'clicks'. Database design to manage a comprehensive and diverse set of parameters for each product was critical, and the administration interface allows for management of all such product details, as well as providing a full WYSIWYG content editing facility. The database design was fundamental to the ongoing stability and integrity of the data, and has proved to be completely reliable.

Link to B+B Smartworx site (new window)B+B Smartworx is a US based distributor that delivers end-to-end solutions via a network of over 80 worldwide network partners. Partners have their own logins and access to a variety of back-end facilities, can edit their own content areas and B+B admin has an extensive range of management and content editing facilities. B+B's requirements could not be satisfied with a conventional and ultimately limited 'off the shelf' solution, whereas our bespoke implementation not only delivers what they need now, it can be extended as needed because we are in complete control of the code.

Database driven sites based on our server

Link to RC Model News site (new window) has been developed as a News Portal for all aspects of Radio Control Models, covering fixed wing models, helicopters, cars and boats and of course, drones. It was conceived as a response to the general decline in printed magazines, where news is effectively out of date by the time the magazine hits the streets. There is a comprehensive back end administration tool and a range of user clickthroughs are recorded with a stats interface to review results. The site currently receives nearly 10000 page views per month and has a high clickthrough rate to external manufacturers' sites.

Link to Power Over Ethernet site (new window) is no longer updated but again features a bespoke database solution to manage and maintain the many articles. Comprehensive search facilities are also provided. While it might be possible to replicate this level of functionality using a conventional templated solution such as Wordpress or Joomla, the bespoke solution here is both efficient and fast. Innovative features provided an exceptional click-through rate when the site was in its most active period.

Link to 3DX site (new window) is the successful offshoot from the world famous 3D Masters model helicopter event which attracted entrants and visitors from all over the world. The main event was last run in 2012, but the video database remains online at the 3DX site with nearly 1500 videos for download. Search facilities make it easy to locate a particular pilot, event or type of flight. All of the videos were also shot by us (mostly by Terry Best and Tony Wright).


Client Sites developed and hosted by us

Just a selection from any number of sites we have created over the years. All of these clients host their websites with us too. Each logo is linked to their respective site and will pop up a new window.


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